Insurance Repairs

DNA Construction NQ provides insurance repairs and builds across both the residential and commercial sectors. We use and trust only the best tradespeople who are backed by many years’ worth of experience.

We can deal with damage from any type of insurance event, a burst pipe, a catastrophic weather event, accidental and malicious damage. More often than not, there are hidden damages that an unskilled tradesperson may not be aware of and this can be a costly mistake if not accounted for in an initial investigation and scope of works.

After an event we can provide you;

  • professionally presented Licensed Builder report allowing you to make sound claim decisions based on fact;
  • a full scope of works for your Insurer;
  • itemised quotes; and
  • Prompt and Efficient processing/completion of Building Contracts or Agreements, with an emphasis on Customer Service;

A Word on Insurance

Please note – insurance will not cover long term damage. It will only cover the damage caused by the immediate event that we are responding to. We’ll ensure the correct Scope of Works is quoted for your individual situation.